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What You will Learn Here

Welcome to Paranormal Ghostly De-Haunting!  Here you will learn that each of the Spirit Haunting have a different set of rules for helping the Ghost(s) to find His,  Her, or Their way to crossing over into the light.  Each situational Haunting is a different one from the other.

Some Spirits die when they are born, others when they are old, and yet others are killed for no apparent reason and don’t know that they are even dead. That is why psychic mediums like myself were born with these unusual abilities to be able to see and talk with the dead.  To give the answers to the living so that they can help the Ghost or Spirit to be able to find the Gateway to the other side.

With those of us who are Spirit Mediums that have more than one way to help the Spirits to cross over into the light once they have been un-trapped by whatever worded or circumstance that entrapped these souls into a limbo type situation.  It is up to the Psychic Medium and the living to help these Spirit Energy Souls on their way the best way and the gentlest way possible with the right tools, and knowledge of what this Spirit are facing to getting free from the trapped condition.

My cover illustration for The Mammoth Book of Modern Ghost Stories.

Here you will find Articles and tools that will be placed with or near the Articles that will be able to help you get most if not all of Your Paranormal Problems solved.  If after you review the information, and you need further details of what it will take. You can contact me in the contact me section at the bottom of the page through my email address.  I will work diligently to help answer most if not all of your most pressing problems, and question.  Even the financial ones just as I did with myself in the early days.

If ever there is a problem with a future delay in a products coming to you. I will make sure that you are informed ahead of time after you have put your name on the Waiting list for

De-Haunting Section.  This way You can start to save up for the up to $40,000.00 that I estimate an average home of a 4 bedroom/ 3 bathroom, with dining, laundry, den, basement rooms with a two car Garage would cost to clean the outside and the inside of the house 3 times. To absolutely wash away the many different properties of oils, dirt, dust, hair, nails, etc that are holding on like a record onto the residual recording of The Spirits last lifetimes that they were alive.  This could have been a year to 100 years +. Then you have to realize that if there are layers of many Spirits in different layers one on top of each other.  You will learn more from each article about the different aspects of why haunting happen. So go ahead and peruse through all of my pages.

So if you have any comments about this subject. Please let me know, and lets begin the conversation about what you need in this subject. Thank You.

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