About Susan

I am a Naturally Born Past Life trained Medium/Psychic/Clairvoyant/Clarences that helps the Spirits, Ghosts to get untrapped and be able to cross over into the Light.  So that they can be able to reincarnate into a person again.  To try again to get life’s Purpose right again here on Earth.  Or be able to go and reincarnate into an Angel in Heaven.  Where they will be rewarded in obeying so perfectly all of The Fruits of The Spirit of what is 75% of Gods 12 Faceted of The Law in Heaven, and thereby would be a candidate for being reincarnated into an Angel in Heaven.

I have personally helped Thousands of Spirits of all kinds be able to find their way into the light.  Especially the Hungry Spirit which are called String Spirits.  These Spirits were used up by The Galactic Federation from another Universe.   Anyone who protested against the Galactic Federation form of slavery were then punished by being forced into a Battery Bed that used up their body fat that made Space Ships Energy source when they ran out of Dilithium Crystal Power.

The Renegade Aliens called by us ” The Grais, or the Pinx’s ” of the Orion, and Palaities Star System found these dying people on board these Trashed floating ships everywhere and tried to release them, but the Starving People were so far gone that they died before the Pinx’s could get them into a life support system that would rejuvinate them back to a heathier state. There were Hundreds of Billions of these Spirits that were used up like trash by the Federation.

When they heard about me, and my a bilities from other spirits here on Earth. I put them on a strict sckedule and helped them cross over. This took about 3/4 of a year for me to daily accomplish with Hundreds of Millions daily being ushered into the light at the park where I live here in my neighborhood. That no one, but myself could actually see.

Un-casting Curses, etc!

Along with that I also have helped people to get Uncasted from (13) types of castings called for their unique properties. Curses, Hexes, Jinxes, Spells, Prayers, Chants, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Heisha, Meisha’s, Songs, Incantations, and Mesmerizations[ which are like Hypnosis ].  To date, I have taken off altogether 33 tillion, 672 Kadrillion, 734 Zillion, 293 Trillion, 292 Billion, 432 Million, 014 Thousand, 059 Hundred of these castings off of many People from all walks of life.  I also did put on all of them a Protection Spell to protect them from not having this happen to them again. They are now free to live a normal life of their own choosing.

                  I also have deposessed People

In the past I have deposessed around 7 people whom are recorded in my within one Philladelphia Hospital records, and one family’s gratitude of a near, and dear friend of mine from New York city neighborhood.  Where I was inside of a Young Woman for now 14 + Million years and helping her through a savior episode case of Spirit Suicidal Syndrome.  Which I will not bring up again for private reasons. Though she did make quick recovery within that time, and we at the time where in a peaceful state of residing.  At that time I was almost ready to leave her and go back into My own Body where I had left a part of My Spirit as an Ancher so that I would not be lost.

Each of these recoved Possessions I left with them a Book called The 12 Facets of God’s Law – Course Study- Binder that I created for another person earlier that decade who was having a problem with nerveous disorder that made this person make bad mistakes in choices of behavior. Needless to say This person was the first to recover nicely within the first three years, and I used this same Course Study with the other Spirit Possessions to help them to also recover just as well, and maintain their sobriety in living within some common Sense of how to thinking, focus, believe,  act and react to none common sense situations that can make bad decisions in all of us if we don’t have these interconnecting attributes that are neccesary for Proper basic conduct with society.

If It wasn’t for Weatlthy Affiliate this Website would not be up and running. Thank You Wealthy Affiliate for helping me get my start at making a living by helping people with their problems.