Ouija Board Ouija Board, Tell me True!

We have all heard the Stories of People getting possessed after using for fun the Ouija Board, but does anyone really understand what the Ouija Board really does, and how to use it properly?  For I also have one just like the one in all the stores.  You know the paperboard, and I can tell you that they all work just fine as long as you have the right behavior towards the Operator who is a Spirit Operator in the Ouija Oracle Society who answers all of the living person questions.  That’s why they call it a Spirit Board. 

    While being a Psychic myself in the Paranormal.  Everything in the Sciences that are within the invisible realm of the invisible lights that our eyes can not fathom nor detect is within the Atmosphere & the Spirit Realm.  One thing that I can tell you is that even though the Spirits do not have bodies.  This does not mean they don’t have intelligence as Spirits are still a living energy being that has gone back to Source.  

     They are just as smart, clever, and still get emotionally hurt, have a personality just as they did when they were alive.  Living Solid People need to keep that in mind when talking, asking questions and leaving their foolish emotional attitudes behind at the door so to speak before they venture into asking ANY Question of the operator in the invisible Realm called The Spirit Realm.


 The Mediums & Spirits Tool

    This is why Ouija Boards should be used by True Mediums, and Natural Psychics like myself that automatically understand the risks, behaviors, and what good manners are needed so just as you would talk to someone you just met on the telephone.

 It is the same type of courtesy that you use to a living operator to get the answer’s that you are seeking.  You would not make fun of someone you knew, liked, and realized that he/she was someone who deserved respect back in a conversation with you.

 Would you???  No of course not. We all have been trained to be polite.  Be the same with the Spirits as well.  Please.  You’ll thank Me for this advice later!!          

How Do The Spirit Defend Themselves From Insults?

    Especially if you were asking questions about their home Spirit Realm World, and how they lived there.  Wouldn’t You?   No, of course not.  That is because we would understand that after a while people would either ignore you or retaliate, which is very understandable.

    Spirits, because they are no longer solid, and can pass through people.  Have found ways within the energy fields to use our solid bodies against ourselves, and have trained each other in these techniques.  Like a Martial Artist in defense training.  There are Spirit Martial Art’s Trainers that help the Government People in the Spirit Realm to defend their Operator’s by possessing living people who insult them, which is their form of justice. 

 Why should We pay a Medium a Fair Wage?

     So when you are thinking of using an Ouija Board think of these personality traits that we living beings have that are of an intelligent design possess, and realize that they can come up with just as an intelligent response, re torte and a clever reaction as we do in the solid realm.

    Just as we go to professionals for help like a Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, or Psychiatrist, and expect to pay a proper fee for getting the answers that are needed.   It is also just the same with a Medium who needs the same respect for Her talents of being able with the right abilities to get the resolved answer to the clients without any danger involved from the Search for that answer that the client is seeking from a Medium professional.

                       The Dangers Are Within The Emotions

      That is one of the reasons that you have to go into the Board with the right attitude from the beginning.  For because we humans with our human physical eyes can’t see the Paranormal of the invisible spirit realm. Even the microscopic parts of science [ sometimes even the Mediums can not see whom they are talking to as well. ]

So why should we normal professional people expect to be any different, or expect any difference from them who are seeking answers for us?  For Science means to learn, gain insight into the reasons why this or that is happening, and how it works.

So too with the paranormal of learning to talk, relate, and interact with an Ouija Board.  It is no different. Though with a Medium who is trained to be safe it is quite different. So too the risk is on her, not the client who pays her.


     There are side effects that Bad Manners and Grooming or Sarcasm can come to us when we interact wrong with an intelligent thinking living [ yes they eat and move as a life force too ] moving, interacting Spirit does come back to us when we pose a question to them from touching an Ouija Talking Board.

Everything for them is about the energy of thought & vibration of energy.  That is very apparent by all of the mishaps and possessions that the Medical community and Religious community have had to deal with through thousands of years.

For all the wrong interactions that people do on their own without having a handbook to guide them into the serious attitude of communication with an invisible person they can not see, hear unless that spirit wants you to

For all the wrong interactions that people do on their own without having a handbook to guide them into the serious attitude of communication with an invisible person they can not see, hear unless that spirit wants you to see, hear, smell, feel, and taste [ yes even the sense of taste is quite possible with the spirits. ]

     The only thing different about spirits is that they are no longer in the living realm of breathing life as we living people that breath air knows about, and depend upon. Though this doesn’t mean that they can not do other things with being a spirit.

For just as they are a flexible malleable Energy form of intelligent life.  They can even go into the other dimensions and travel through time, and space as well.  They can bend the physical matter of material things can change shape to his or her will in order to retaliate with that offender as a punishment for all the insults, and laughter.

So it is best to learn the rules of good manners in order to stay safe after you have finished the session, and sound while learning the answer that we came to get to this point in time.

  The Rules Of Ouija Board Engagement


     First:  Have the right, and proper attitude when coming to get the honest answers that you seek from the Spirit Telephone with an Operator on the other side that is working in the Spirit Realm to help you the seeker.

     Second:  Have the right financial Money they [either the Spirits or both the spirits and the medium] request ahead of time that person will divide into equal parts.   One-half for the Spirits to have burned over in your presence, and the other half goes to the Medium.  Just like if you were to go to a doctor, who has a nurse, and secretary who takes appointments, that money would be divided into many parts to pay for those people who have earned a living and helped to be there for when you need that help to regain your health.   So to the Medium and the Spirits.  Don’t expect anything less!

     Third:  Put your giggling, laughter, and foolish behavior away. Take the experience seriously, and expect a profound answer as you would at a doctor’s office meeting.  There will be many things that spirits who live on the other side have learned from their peers who have punished the living through the millenniums.  Then will unleash this learned tool onto you if you scoff at what they are saying.

   Fourth:  These Rules that are governing Heaven also apply to us.  They are found in the Roget’s II Thesaurus published by Houghton Mifflin Company * Boston the editors of The American Heritage Dictionary. ISBN # 0-395-48317-4 & ISBN # 0-395-48318-2 

 1: Integrity a noun: moral or ethical strength.  The qualify of being honest.  The condition of being free from defects or flaws.  The State of being entirely whole.
 2: Persistence a noun:  The state or quality of being insistent. Uninterrupted existence or succession. An uninterrupted course.
 3:  Endurance a noun:  The quality or power of withstanding hardship or stress. Uninterrupted existence or succession.
 4: Self-Control a noun:  The keeping of one’s thoughts and emotions to oneself.
 5: Mercy a noun:  Kind, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or disposition towards others.
 6: Joy a noun:  A condition of supreme well-being and good spirits.  A Feeling of extreme gratification aroused by something good or desired.
 7: Peace a noun:  A condition that is inclined or disposed to not be quarrelsome or unruly.
 8: Faith a noun:  Absolute certainty in the trustworthiness of something or another person.
 9: Goodness a noun:  The quality or state of being morally sound.
 10: Kindness a noun:  Kindly, charitable interest in others.
 11: Patients a noun:  The capacity of enduring hardship or inconvenience without complaint: ” needed real patients not to respond to his insults.”
 12: Charity a noun:  Kindly, forgiving, or compassionate treatment of or disposition toward others.

These are the 12 facets of God Almighty’s Heavenly Law that I was originally taught 30 years ago with the explanation about human existence is like this:

” How can a baby that is born to a mother and father give a tithe to God Almighty when he or she doesn’t have any built up finances in order to give to God the 5% due him.”   For the 10%, that Man and The Devil Lucifer have taken from the Arabs as a way to pay a god is only for greedy gains, and not for the maintenance of the Temple of God. ”   My reaction was that a baby could not give anything at all because he came into this world with nothing, but a giggle, or cry for hunger for his mother’s milk to grow by.   So he and I talked at great lengths in understanding that the Devil impersonating him as though he Lucifer were god was the law as it shows proof of here in that he is saying. . in  Exodus 20:[1-6]

What The Earth Bible Tell Us To Do!

[1] ”  And God spoke all these words: [2] ”  I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. [3] ‘  You shall have no other gods before me. ‘ [4]  You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath, or in the waters below. [5] ‘ You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous/Envious God, Punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, [6]  ‘  but showing love to thousands who love me and keep my commandments. ”   [ A direct contradiction of the New Testaments guidelines of what Love Is [ Agape’ Greek a noun: Human Self-Sacrificing Attitude. I Corinthians 13:4-8 – [4] ”  Love is patient, Love is kind.  It does not envy it does not boast, it is not proud. [5] ‘  it is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of the wrong, [6]  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth, [7]  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. [8]  Love never fails.

      In Exodus, he declares himself a Jealous or Envious God, yet his writers of his Book the Bible says that Envy is not of God.  So my question is this who is this Jealous god?   My Fathers Heaven Law is what I want to pattern myself as in order to have the safety of God when I am dealing with anything.  How about You?

Why Heaven is So Peaceful?

     This is why Heaven has no crime ever since he put on his planets court the Law of the 12 facets of his personality to be passed as the Law there in his Planet Bordon that all people will be using to stay safe from all guilt from any accusation from others that accuse them of something or other.

It also brings down the crime level without any threat.  For the Law of the 12 facets speaks for itself in how a person is to act in a community that is for each other in conduct, and for God as his children without abuse and in any type of forced Occults that make a person feel guilty of trespassing against a false god as Lucifer once did in Heaven and was ousted out by a war that sent him to us.  This law transformed heaven into a crime free zone to this day he told me.

For the Law of the 12 facets speaks for itself in how a person is to act in a community that is for each other in conduct, and for God as his children without abuse and in any type of forced Occults that make a person feel guilty of trespassing against a false god as Lucifer once did in Heaven and was ousted out by a war that sent him to us.  This law transformed heaven into a crime free zone to this day he told me.

    He has his Judges base their verdict based upon the 75% of none use of the 12 Facets of His Law as a total felony crime that is punishable by death in the courtroom. As a Witness that order has been restored in each of similar cases.  To that end over time of millions of Earth years, Crime has gone down to 0% with police walking the beat of each Block within The City limits to show that they are upholding The Law to keeping the streets safe from harm’s way. Which makes every citizen feel safe again in their communities.

In Conclusion 

    So to The Spirit Realm’s everywhere in The Body of Universes have personally told me it’s Their Law too that governs their way of expediting rulings on the living humans.  Their only punishment is to possess a person while tormenting them during their sentence of 50 years to life or until that person repents of their crime, and promises not to do any more insults to the spirits that are trying to help the living with answers.

Depending on the severity of the crime of insult or pain of insult to that spirit that was only trying to answer the client on the Ouija Boards question, and got no payment for that spirits efforts to give results of a truthful answers. This is what I would also give to you to think about before you go venturing out to buy anything called a game called Ouija Oracle “Talking” Board Game. My Question to you. ”

 How can a Paper or Wood Board Game talk, and give answers unless it has a life behind it?  ” [The paranormal-ghostly-de-haunting.com  Author of this Article ] Something to seriously think about before you get yourself into trouble.

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