Questions & Answers

Question:  How do I know that My Place that I am residing in has a ghost or is it just some creaking boards?

Answer:  When you first moved into your place that you are living in right now. That was the same situation that the People who got trapped after they died later on did. So You are copying the same steps that they did when they moved into that same place.  When You did some renovations to the Place. That woke the people up who didn’t expect visitors to break the pattern. So it woke them up to explore, and they found you there in what they think is their home and You as the invaders of that peaceful home.

At first, they would have been real quiet, then when they saw you doing something our of the ordinary with something that they thought was their’s in possession. Well, that is when they probably took action and moved which you noticed it, and later suspected that the place was haunted.

Question: What do we do when we find that there are leftover spirits in the home, and how do we get rid of them our of our home?

Answer:  When you have ruled our Electrical, and Magnetic pulses from Telephone, Radio Towers near by.  Also look for CB Towers that also generate static Electrical Humming, which could sound like singing, or moaning on the radio, or Television.  Then once you have eliminated all of the outside distractions with proof.  Then I would recommend a further less taxing test that will find the place that the Spirits are buried under the places floor, or Building from past Earth History of Human Existing. That would be a one room “Cold Spot Test” where you buy enough recipe for one room $164.00 for the Instructions, Tools, and Recipe. This will be the least that you will have to test weather you will a real Ghost, and if that Ghost is trapped.

Question:  What if the Spirit won’t let us de-haunt this place? What do we do then since we have invested so much into this Home of ours?

Answer:  When a spirit wakes up, and they don’t remember that they are dead, let alone remember the date of month, day, or year it is.  This is when you have to do several things to make them realize that you are on their side to helping them remember what date it is for them.  By taking a daily news paper and buring it while for them to read, and see the difference in the time line from their time to your time, and burning it in their fireplace or outside for them to find.  Also using stationairy write them a kind and compassionate letter telling them your situation about the house, and that you didn’t know that they were even there when you bought that place. From there take it one step further. Get to learn all about them, and if they had a name, address, the City, State that this house stands upon, any Zip Code, or Area Code, Phone Number that you could find to see who these Spirits used to be.  Then When they have given all of that to you. Go to your local seat City, or State Library or hall of Records to find it These persons used to be living there.  If you don’t find any records. This means that they died in another Earth History below the surface of the gound under the Basement Floor.  Which could get costly to find where they are buried. This will be an Article about this very subject.