What is a Dehaunting?

A Haunted Estate

     When a Person or Family buys a Home or Real Estate. The Realtor does not need to inform The New Owners that this dwelling is in fact Haunted!  For in each state the rules within each separate Real Estate Company are different within each of their business policies one from another. So there for unless they have it written within their disclosure of damage of their dwelling being in a dilapidated condition when the inspectors have deemed it fit to be inhabited. The Broker does not need to inform the next potential owner of the Haunted condition. They just leave it alone for the next persons to decide for themselves of whether the place is habitable or not.

So there for unless they have it written within their disclosure of damage of their dwelling being in a dilapidated condition when the inspectors have deemed it fit to be inhabited. The Broker does not need to inform the next potential owner of the Haunted condition. They just leave it alone for the next persons to decide for themselves of whether the place is habitable or not.

Many a person has been led into a purchase small cheap kits of abalone shells that are used as smudge kits, with sage bound in a red string to burn it and hopefully make the dwelling more livable with the spirits leaving because it is cleaner.  Only to find that a dwelling is in fact later on haunted by some sort of residual, or actual still roaming Spirit or Ghosts. That when the owners try and get rid of the Energy Beings.

They only have an abalone shell, and some wrapped up sage leaves that are used to sweeten the atmosphere that is supposed to release the spirits and cleanse the home or dwelling property. So that the Spirit will move on into the afterlife. Though in most cases this doesn’t last for any long length of time before this process has to be done all over again to keep away the menacing Spirits.

Spirit De-Haunting 

     Some call this a De-Haunting, but I just call it a waist of time, and effort.  The other way of De-Haunting a dwelling the way I was taught from my past lives as a Wizard many millions of years ago.  Was that a True De-Haunting is a full spectrum Cleansing of all none living surfaces with over 20 ingredients, and crystal that helps the broken recording be washed away and neutralized into a mud substance. That releases the Spirits totally.

    This cleaner digs deeper by braking up the collection of the oils, hair, dust, and sweat and vocal recording of the occupants that have fully engrained within the habitats surface with the residual casted [ Spoken evil words, screams, cry’s, yelling, of bad time, and good time altogether. ]  That have accumulated over the period of a life time within that dwellings occupancy ownership by the family or person. This broken recording that has been collected over a long period of time.  Possibly overlapped onto the other life times that were not cleaned away by the original makers.

      So those recording that is overlapping each other and sending multiple broken recorded histories of what life time activities that are now apart of the Haunted conditions. That this or that family is facing right now from the frustrated Spirits that are now enacting their history upon that new family that doesn’t understand why and who it is coming from?  To the point that they start searching for a permanent solution through the internet where people look for someone who can help these Spirits be able to freely leave the dwelling peacefully.

My De-Haunting Process

     Where with most other psychic Shamans, and Paranormal Psychic Detectives only have one or two resources to help alleviate the symptoms of the haunting.  They don’t have the same resources that I have with my past life Wizard Magical De-Haunting {20 Ingrediants} Recipe that has been given to me by the Head Mistress of Magic.  She was the one that I became an apprentice to, and that mentored me to the full term that made me be a Wizard back then.

     I was shown how to use the recipe, and mix it together in the proper way so as to produce the right color of the Magical potient, and maximum results from the cleaner potient that washed away all of the grit, and grime of all the past life broken residual energy recordings. That have en-trapped these Spirits for such a long time, which has made them frightened, angry, and scared to the point of making that they are trying to make the living that above them or with them scared so as to protect them from similar historical repeating means.

My De-Haunting Recipe Washes down The Recording

      So a full de-haunting is to wash away all of the natural sweat, oils, smokes, hair, dust, and fibers that have floated upward and outward with the smoke, steam, sweat, fibers, dust, dirt, and oils. That captured all of the cursings, yellings, screaming, arguments, fights, sounds, smells, feelings, tastes, sensations that the other people gave off in their everyday lives back before they died. That have made this en-trapped condition for these Spirit to not be able to move on.  That is why I am here with the Recipe in it’s basic DIY Kit that can help to Detach those elements from each other’s histories.  Which will also detach from those Spirits the hooks and chains of guilt that have been wanting to move on into the

     That is why I am here with The De-Haunting Recipe in a basic DIY Kit that can help to Detach those elements from each other’s histories.  Which will also detach from those Spirits the chains that hold them there by a false guilt.  These Spirits have been wanting to move on for so long now to go into the light, but couldn’t. Till now!

     For this reason, I found that the full version which I estimate will cost Between $60,000.00  to De-haunt a 4 bedroom/ 3 bathroom home to  $6,000.000.00 to take care of a Large Hotel like Trump Towers in New Your City.  Though You would have to see that it works first with a tiny sample for a one room DIY Kit for whether it works for You and The Spirit before moving into the full version for the complete De-Haunting of Your Whole Property.  The one room test would only be able to clean the coldest, nastiest, and the most Paranormal active room in the dwelling to be the one to see the difference at your own cost.

Proliminary Free Testing For Any Spirits.

      I’ve been told by Google and Realtors there are some about at the time of the writing of this article that there were 485,000 in registered Haunted Properties, and places in the USA alone. So for If You really want to have a decent test. To see that it can work for Your home or Business is really haunted, and weather my De-Haunting recipe can make a difference for you as it did for me. You will have to go buy my Test Kit are going fast, and You better get there now to start your bidding on the next one.

     To be sure that you have a real Haunted Dwelling Property. Buy a Small Horse Shoe Magnet at your hobby store or on https://www.amazon.com for about $18.98.  When it arrives. Take two long 6 yards of #10 Cotton Red Thread and fold it in half, but do not cut it!  Then take the folded evenly one piece of cord and take the doubled end and put at the curved section of the Horse Shoe Magnet with a 1″ Space between each cord that is folded and put at the end.  To secure each cord to that 1″ space between each other take some super glue that will bond to both surfaces and let it rest on Wax Paper so that it doesn’t stick to anything else.

      Next, after you have the four cords are dried fully. Then begin braiding them with a 1-foot space between The Horse Shoe Magnet and the braiding are.  Tie it off, and make a hand held loop big enough for a small adult hand to fit into it at the end.  {{Take your time to do this right}}.  Don’t rush through this!  You should have by now at the end of this braided piece about 2 & 1/2 – 2 & 3/4 feet length of cord to allow the Magnet to drag on the floor behind you to find the dead bodies that are hidden by some real bad criminals and where the origin of the Haunting come from. {{{ Remember to reread the first part of the Article to see that not all Haunting are on the surface }}}. They can be so buried deeply for Dozens or Hundreds of Miles under the surface that It is best to only dehaunt the First Dozen Blocks from The surface and the rest of The Dwelling in order to get the needed relief that You are seeking so that you can live there in a peaceful way again.

{{{{ Warning, if any of your neighbors {{ whom are not your relatives by name, family association or knowledge from dozens of years past }} inquire about what you are doing.  Say it is just a Science Project You learned from the internet }}}} Thats All. If they persist in asking what you are doing, tell them to go home and mind their own business. Keep the children that are small from telling the strange neighbor what it is that you doing for the parents to speak. These inquiring neighbors could be the crimal that put the bodies there in hidding making you the patsey for the crime. Please be carefull to follow these instruction to the letter. We live in a dangerous World everywhere. Period!!! Be Cautious!!!

      First Step: To get a clear understanding of why your home is Haunted. Get a Spiral Pad, and Ink Pen to record any findings.  @ Make a Home Sketch of this process on a spiral pad, with a indellable ink pen. This is for the Police records as You are now investigating why your home is haunted. @

     This is what Investigators do when they analize the scene of a crime. So do the same as they do.  Put Your full name at the top with the date also and the time you started with the EST, MWST, PST also listed for the courts purpose of establishing credibility for proof positive reasons.

     Acting as an Investigator {{{make a drawing of the area you are marking}}} with chaulk, and spray fixative verathein laquor to keep that are from being smudged or washed away by nosy or crimal neighbors. Start at the Street level, going side to side from the property edge to the other side of the property edge on the other side of the street side walk. Mark the areas with a letter of your first name for where the magnet pulls hard and gets stuck hard.

     Then move on to the next footage. Till all areas are completed. Have someone watching what that neighbor is doing also to keep him or her from from errasing the chaulk marks with his hands to confuse the owners of the Haunted House. They possibly made Haunted earlier in times past.

     Second Step: drag the magnet up the right side of the walk way leading to the front door, if nothing happens. Marking as needed as before. Then start again at the side walk level do it again to the front door. Mark as needed. Do this all around any walking pathways around the sides of the house as well, up the stairs to the front door, and on the front porch.  Mark as well here also. Spray with a fixative like a verithain spray laquor and let dry.  This will keep any nosie neighbors from altering the marks.

Third Step: After the nuisance neighbor or criminal has been taken away. Begin again at the front door on the inside, and begin going through the pathways to the back of the house. From there make sure you mark each area also on the map of the house as well. Then go from the back of the house to all of the main rooms first through the center of each room, and marking those areas the spirits say by pulling you back to where they are buried for you to mark with masking tape so as to not hurt the floor or rugs.

      From there go up any from hallway stairs to the upstair, and do each area as before like the down stairs. Marking with tape on the areas that the Spirits tell you they are down below. Afterwards. Then finally go to the basement area and with a plumbline used for Carpentry do the same down the stairs, and along all the floor surfaces in a grid like fashion to find where the spirits say they are buried underneith.  This Plumbline cord you will use to see if there is a direct line between the upstairs area, and the basement area that links it to the basement before calling any police CSI.  {Keep all Baby’s out of the research area for ovious reasons} They are too curious, and want to come along and pick up things that would distract the process. So have them be out of the way during this session of proof. Also any negative thinking, speaking family members who have not read the full Article above are also excluded from this process. For they will shower doubts into your minds and will give a false positive effect on the unbias research that I am trying to give you to do to seeing the truth of the situation to keep your expenses down. Remember this is a Free Test.