What Is The Light When We Die?

When Life Ends It should be when we have had a full rich life full of Family memories, and mostly good happenings. Though that is not always the way that Life turns out. When this happens. People begin to ask themselves what is waiting for me when I die, and will I ever go to heaven?  We think of the way that the religion views things, because it is convenient to do so for fear of being judged by the Priest, Minister, or Religious leader, and that becomes unfavorable to some of our religious friends in that Temple, Church or Synagog.

When it is time to pass away into the big sleep. It is nothing to be scared of when we do die. For there are more important things to be concerned about. For Life in the body is one thing, but where do we go after death most people ask since we can’t go to heaven yet? There is always the Light to go into the Spirit Realm to be reincarnated.

The Light Tunnel/Doorway

For Death is just an ending of this Human bodies life on Earth. Then there is the Spirit that inhabited The Body that was once alive that remains.  Going to the Place that the Spirits goes is quite different though. This place allows for the Spirits to be able to choose how they will be able to be in the next life.  So The Goddess of this Body of Universes has given a place for the Spirits to go into that will help them find another life to learn by.

It is called the Spirit Realm. Where all things that are burned over becoming into the energy substance that still holds its shape and form in the Spirit Realm. For all things that grow, and are used still hold their Energy form that they are built into that form that is in the Solid Realm for when it is burned over to the Spirit Realm Zone where it was burned in part or its whole entirety. For the Living Energy of Souls that die, and rise out of their bodies to look for the light. They would have to go into “The Light” which looks like a Tunnel or Doorway of Super Bright Light with flashing colors all around it like a sign as it follows you till you enter it to find the Spirit Realm.

For the Living Energy of Souls that die, and rise out of their bodies to look for the light. They would have to go into “The Light” which looks like a Tunnel or Doorway of Super Bright Light with flashing colors all around it like a sign as it follows you till you enter it to find the Spirit Realm.

Where all things that are burned over go into a gray ash go to be used in the same energy form that it was in the solid, but is now an energy form. They once were, to be used by those Spirits in order to be reincarnated. This is also for furnishing, and other objects too. Since everything is all mutable.

Limbo Zone

As Spirits pass into the Limbo Zone after death. Sometimes they don’t understand that they are really dead, because they just don’t feel pain, and can move around a lot more freely, but they are really in a type of Limo Zone which is the middle ground so to speak.  These newly deceased are mostly confused about where they are, and where they go next. Because there is no other Person who has explained these things to them these New Spirit not knowing what to do just wander where they know where to go in this Limbo Zone. They expect a guide or some Spiritual leader to have known ahead of time to pre-warn them of the upcoming attraction awaiting them.  So when they gather enough mist around them, and enough Planetary energy from the World. They can make themselves seen as in the picture above. This is why The Goddess Made the Light that follows Spirits through this journey till they cross over into the Spirit Realm. Like all children of God, they can be able to play at will when they are feeling up to it. That is why you can see them. When they have enough energy to do so.

This is where The Goddess made The light in order to help the spirits be able to see what the other side would look like.  Before walking through the Tunnel of Light into the Spirit Realm.  It’s like a Pleasant Pathway into a New World that they have never felt, or seen before. Unless they have died before and know the way automatically.

Though when they are ready to cross over into the light. Depending on where they are standing at that time. They could be asking ” Well, where do I go from here, or where is the light so that I can go to heaven?” and all of a sudden, there it is following them where ever they go.

It only stays there for a few as 2-5 minutes of time, because that is what the Goddess has put as a limited time for to not waste the gate’s energy also.  So if they are too slow in going through to the other side. Then the lighted tunnel turns off and goes to someone else who is asking for it.

Though it is only a Place where Trains, Plains or Ships, And Boats are in order to take the passengers that are going to their next destination. Just like as if they were still solid, but this time they are transparent as energy beings that still remember what they used to look like. They are only able to see each other. Except when they are in the Solid Realm.

What The Spirit Realm Looks like

Otherwise the rest in order to conserve what little energy they have so that they can go from one place to another. It is just like when we conserve when we in the Solid Realm are tired. They do the same, but more often, because they don’t have a ready supply of food coming to them. What the Chinese and Hindu use in ceremonies is just to let their family’s know who have crossed over and yet are still hungry. So their families let them know they are thinking of them, and that they can get something good to eat when they arrive in heaven.

Once inside it almost resembles New York Cities Train Station without the Flag. But they [ The New Arrivals ] will see in the middle Bulletin Boards with glass closures and notices on both sides and hundreds of People looked over each other’s shoulder to get a glimpse of what places are looking for work, or rent in the Spirit Realm.

That is what I have seen when a Spirit Guide Named Eryll Flynn [The Actor ] Who was a Spirit Realm the President of the Spirit Realm at the time.  Took me on a tour of The Spirit Realm. Everything on the outside that would have green now looked like the whole planet had been burned over or was decaying into dust and things that were Super Old were decayed. Like the photo below I could see the building that had no new furniture, but only remains of furniture inside that had fallen apart from decay by being abandoned.

Everything resembled the Solid Realm World I was used to, but these were buildings that have long since been decayed by Time and Space. Then Eryll took me to the Train Station where gates of light would open, and close and disappear in a flash of time.

 The Spirit Realm Train Station

Sometimes people in groups or just a single person would emerge through the gate. To look around then an Angel with wings would usher his or her, or them to the ticket counter line for them to get their place in line in order to get their reincarnation ticket. That when Eryll showed me one had a super long 16 dozen numbers on it that were for only that one spirit. So they had to hold on to it while they waiting for that number to come up for those spirits to go.

The Lines would be super long and have long waiting time Eryll explained. Sometimes Spirits that broke the Spirit Realm Law by trying to either steal someone’s ticket or break into the line ahead of someone new where arrested and send to the Curtain. Would be picked up by the Shadow Police and taken to the Curtain of Madness where they would be extinguished or change their ways entirely.

The Shadow Police & The Curtain

Who had been there for a long time? Would get caught by the Shadow Police. Then sent to the Curtain of Madness where they would await their final punishment of destruction.

They would be told to them secure their ticket in a deep pocket, or wallet and not let go of it, for there were thieves that wanted to steal their place in reincarnation. Afterward, they could go to the Bank to find out if they had any Karma Money.

Karma Money 

That they had built up through their Lifetime from any and all of their good unselfish deeds towards other souls that were of the living, and the dead. If they did something special that the Goddess had made the original decree for a certain amount to be given for each good honest deed of charity.

Then from all of the Billions of Dollars that was burned over from the solid realm to the spirit realm in a certain place. The Banks and the Government of the Spirit Realm would send a note for the banks to place a certain amount into a person’s bank account before they died.

The Bulletin Board

When everything else had been finished and the Ticket and Bank account had been checked out and were all set. Then a New Spirit could go and check on the bulletin board for places for rent, and a place to work. While they waited for their exceedingly long number to come up for them to get reincarnated.

The Atmosphere would be lit by the natural feral light of Nature outside, or the lights in that come through the daylit time of the Solid Realm Building Lights provided by them. Otherwise Natures light would be the only way a spirit could see where they were going. Unless they could see by the ambient light of nature’s glow.

The Day of Departure

Upon the day of departure, a spirit ahead of time would be notified Eryll explained by a government leader who would send a newbie government person who didn’t care to reincarnate into the next life and would work for his living in the Spirit Realm while he decides what He or she wants to do.

They would go from place to place telling those who had tickets that it was time for the Spirit Person to get himself over to the train station and wait for his Number on his ticket to be called so he doesn’t miss The train for reincarnation.

The Spirit would either be sent by train, boat, or plane, but on rare occasion’s he or she would opt out of the norm. Going to a further away place and choose another planet where there was an availability for a child to be reincarnated there.  This would be to learn about other races within the Universe that The Goddess had made.

In Conclusion

In the Spirit Realm, there are many different types of wonders of which I have done my best to give you the reader a glimps of what I have personally seen. With my out of body eyes, ears, smells, to let you see for yourself, and be prepared ahead of time for the journey ahead of yourselves. The Light is there for anyone who wants to know what to watch out for.

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